It was built around 1600, when the town started to extend its territory towards the Square. It was formed by a central part to which was leaned a basin through which from 4 “cannoli” (taps) very fresh water was flowing coming from the Belvedere springs; The water was given by the Prince of Carini, who was the owner of the spring. Around 1700 the fountain was modified and maybe a drinking through was added as we can see from an engraving of those days (abbot of Saint Non 1785). A few centuries later some new changes were made, transforming it into the fountain that our grandparents still remember, the one known of the 10 taps. Also this one had a central body, but all around it were some marble masks and through their mouths water was running. At the beginning of this century the town administration decided to change the pavement of Piazza Duomo, it was made with cobble-stone as it was for the most important roads, with the one you can see today. This project was also including the replacement of the fountain with a modern one and the construction of the War memorial. The works were completed in 1926 and since then they haven’t been modified.