Cella 2According to historical sources it is the oldest church in Carini , built before the arrival of the Arabs in Sicily, and the Christians from Carini had to pay the “gesia”, a tax which was imposed to the infidels, in order to have the permission of professing their religion. In 1094, after that Grand Count Ruggero conquered Sicily, the new Lord of Carini Rodolfo Bonello gave to the Abbot from Lipari the church, other proprieties and ten peasants to establish there the seat of his bishopric. AcquasantieraIn this Institution we have first the Mercedari Fathers, later the Minorities of the Maddalena’s hermitage. Saint Laurence church is a big aisle less structure with side chapels. In the main altar is the beautiful boxwood Crucifix , while in the side chapels we have some important statues dating back to XVI century (Saint Pasquale Baylon, Saint Rosalia) two statues work of Antonio Genovese dedicated to the Immaculate and Saint Anthony, a canvas of the Immaculate and one of Saint John the Gospel writer. The Convent was used till few years ago by the last two friars belonging to the order of the Franciscans called Minori, and the structure still maintains the signs and the spirit of the Saint Francesco rules.