Aula dall'altareThis church was built in the early 1600 at the place of the Saint Mercury nunnery, existing close to the Rosary Convent from where the nuns left because of the death of the nuns caused by malarial fevers, due to a small river flowing close to it. The priest Buffa Armetta, in his “Carini note storiche” published a document where was the description of the opening of the convent, at the presence of the Prince of Carini Vincenzo III La Grua Talamanca, and of the ceremonial of the nobles from Carini. It was the biggest Convent in Carini, and there daughters of the aristocracy were living. San VincenzoThe church was dedicated to Vincenzo Ferrer, a Dominican Saint, in honour to S.E. The Prince of Carini. It is an aisle less church totally covered with stuccos work of Tommaso Firriolo, son-in-law to Giacomo Serpotta. When the church was built, the entrance was on the road level while today we need to walk up through some stone steps, necessary to be built when in the middle 1800 the road had to be lowered in order to make a new entrance road to the town. Inside it we have the beautiful painting The Crucifixion , work made by Giuseppe Patania, and a canvas of “Glory of Madonna and Saints” while shocking are the lattice windows made of wrought iron that separates the church from those areas where the cloister nuns could stay. Entering on the left we can still see the wheel through which the offerings were given to nuns by their families and by the people.