Santa Caterina esternoIt is one of the oldest churches in Carini and it was located close to one of the entrances into the town walls in the “Terra Nova”. Dedicated to Saint Catherine from Alessandria martyr, it was built in the early 1500 and it was the seat of the homonymous brotherhood that with the one of Saint Vito were the first ones to be created. Santa Caterina - voltoThe oldest source reports about the agreement entered for the making of the bell, work of the artist from Palermo Pietro De arena in 1520. It was completely restored at the end of 1700, inside it looks like the Mother Church in Carini, neoclassical style, in its main altar we have the painting of Our Lady of Sorrows work of Giuseppe Testa 1795, that was also probably the author of the frescoes in the vault of the only aisle, where are represented two scenes taken from Stemma congregazione Santa Caterina“The Book of the Machabees”, while in the lunettes we can see portraits of the Prophets .Inside the close Convent, built thanks to the will of the rich Giuseppe Pecoraro to give an education to the young ladies of the town, we have a stunning marble statue representing Saint Catherine from Alessandria work of Antonello Gagini.

Madonna dei casi disperati