Aula dopo il restauroAccording to the tradition this church was the first Mother Church in Carini, built within the Castle walls, and changed because of a mistake with the church of Saint Giuliano not existing anymore. In reality the church of Purgatory,as it known by the people, is dedicated to Saint Antony Abbot and it was built in the early 1600 (1639) close to the old church of Saint Giuliano,Sant'Antonio Abate2 built during the XVI century by the powerful family Abbate, coming from Erice (Mount San Giuliano) and Lords of Carini since the middle 1200. It was consecrated in 1690 and adorned with stuccos and paintings. On the main altar we have the big painting of the “Holy Souls of the Purgatory”, work of Manno, while on the sides we have the canvas “Giuda Macabeo” and “Daniel in the lions’ den” work of Patricolo as those that ornate the side chapels: “The Madonna and Saint Gaetano”, “Saint John the Baptist”, “The Virgin Mary of the Rosary and Saint Antony” and “Saint Antony Abbot”. Of the statues that were originally adorning the church we have left just the one of the late 1500 representing Saint John The Baptist, still brought in procession nowadays at the end of June.

Purgatorio e San Giuliano