Planimeria2The project idea of the Natural Commercial Centre  “ Carini Centro” comes out from the idea of recovering  the Carini’s historical Centre, abandoned for too many years, and with the aim of creating a good base for the birth  of new business ventures connected to the accomplishment of a commercial area that  involves the  shareholding of the companies located in the historical centre , restored monuments which are open to the public and a number of useful  services created to better enjoy  the area. The Natural Commercial Centre is a real commercial centre but it’s “natural” because it is present in the whole area of the Carini’s historical Centre  and improves its historical and architectural resources. In it you can find qualified commercial companies, and even the typical shop of the town  “putia” with  its custom made  merchandises , or tailor made services , out of the common scheme of the conventional commercial centre that has stores each one similar to the other and with “ fashion” sizes.   The Carini’s historical centre still maintains its Renaissance aspect with its main square at the centre, natural evolution of the Greek  agora which was the pulsating heart of the city. Starting from this ideas, the Carini’s historical centre Commitee has “thought” of the Carini’s   Natural Commercial centre “Carini Centro” as the pulsating heart of the city.